Frenchie founded Dis La Vérité: Institute of Emotional Literacy to cultivate the normalization of not only being mindful of feelings and needs but being better at honoring and understanding the destination and distance those feelings and needs must travel.

Greetings Good People,

I’m honored you are here exploring Dis la Vérité, the Institute of Emotional Literacy. Through years of hard work, study, great failures and even greater successes, I have been unraveling what society has taught me. Some refer to it as decolonizing. To decolonize means you address hidden truths and revelations that allow you to free yourself from traditional socialization that truly do not serve our humanity, sexuality, healing, and traumas. These traditions are buried through our educational, religious, sexual and institutional systems. We are no longer in a time where we can be safe and uninspiring. I have tried to be polite, “professional”, a team player, and traditional- but I am truly none of these things. I am a walking revolution, creator, shit-starter, healer, and sexual abolitionist. My work as a sexual abolitionist revolves around minimizing emotional-sexual oppressions and maximizing emotional intelligence through this health advocacy platform. I work with a team of shit-starters also known as coaches. They have amazing talent, insight and transformational intuition. We are hear to serve our community in a capacity on topics and experiences that most programs dare not to address. We are here to remind you, that normal is not normal, it is a construct that very few actually can conform to. So instead of trying to be normal, let’s focus on you getting comfy, cozy and familiar with your authentic self. Let us speak the truth and be our truth- dis la vérité!