Monachopsis 2

Monachopsis: the subtle but persistent feeling of feeling out of place. A safe space for women who do not fit.

Pride in the Plaza

1 Veterans Plaza, Silver Spring, MD 1 Veteran's Plaza, Silver Spring

The Institute of Emotional Literacy is a consultant for the Patcha Foundation supporting the Ryan White HIV Outreach Grant and helping the Patcha Foundation develop outreach programming for out of care HIV-positive survivors.


La Verite Radio Show

La Vérité with Sexual Abolitionist, Frenchie Davis explores life through a sexuality lens. She says the only way to move past sexual shame and empower ourselves to have healthier emotional and sexual livelihoods is to talk about it. Get your pencil and paper ready, the topics will always be noteworthy.

What’s Going On: WBAI NY 99.5 (Listen Every Tuesday 7:00-8:00am)

WBAI New York New York, New York

News and conversation on WBAI's Morning Show hosted Tuesday by sexual abolitionist, Frenchie Davis, MPH. She's a health equity activist, educator, and all around fire-starter bringing hot topics to the forefront.
Frenchie works both nationally and internationally on bringing you a world view in social ills and norms. She says, "We have all been intentionally miseducated on something, let’s talk new beginnings and refreshing perspectives."

Suffolk County Community College

We are back at Suffolk County Community College for part 2! We are highlighting Emotional Health. Life is not about timelines, it’s about guidelines!

CCBC Dundalk

Self-care- the active process of making your body and mind a pleasant place to inhabit, by filling your own cup first. This ensures you have enough to give others.

Albright College

The questions we don’t ask today, will be the regrets we make tomorrow. We highlight the value of speaking our authentic truth and asking the uncomfortable questions, so we can be more comfortable in our own skin.

Lander University

Emotionally transmitted diseases out last sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t just protect your body, protect your spirit.