We coach a variety of individuals and groups. Our primary focus is addressing social-emotional deficits that we often begin to evaluate as adults.  Our programs and coaching are designed for one-to-one and groups that include: Women, Men, Gender Inclusive, Parent, Mom, Dad, Extended Family,Young Adult (18-25) and Corporate Organizations.

Sometimes certain demographics need one-to-one attention and support. We acknowledge that every space does not suit all people at all times. We celebrate differences so we can value our commonalities. We create space to give voice to those who are often silenced or ashamed of their feelings.


Take time for yourself. Yes, we must invest in healing ourselves, celebrating ourselves, decolonizing and reimagining ourselves. This won’t be easy, but it will be fun, exhilarating, edgy, and empowering. There is no place that you can travel that will be more amazing than yourself. Let us be your tour guide.

Women’s Groups

As women, a sense of belonging and understanding is a life journey. As we age and evolve into the women that did not fit our inner-child vision, we often come up with more questions than answers. Breathe. This is normal, so is getting support in your journey. Sisterhood is a verb, let’s do something!

Men’s Groups

We create safe spaces for all men of all masculinities to engage in self-care. This may not be the barbershop, but we get it in. We come equipped with resources, empathy, and truth telling with a goal enhancing and highlighting your personal humanity. We hear you, we see you, we can work together to minimize intra-cultural harms, social-emotional toxicities and find reconciliation in inner-child wounds.

Virtual Dad Summits

  • Yes, it’s true dads have their own specific demands and challenges with parenting. They deserve their own space. We take pride in giving fathers the voice-space that is too often not shared with them.

Virtual Mom Summits

  • The pressure for moms to be perfect is completely unfair, we know. Our groups help mothers and mother-figures reach their greatest potential by letting go of the myth of perfect mothering.

Guardian/Extended Family Summit/Community Stakeholders

  • We don’t pay homage to all the extended family that jumps in with the rescue paddle to keep the family afloat. We understand that you too need a space of support, resources, and motivation- welcome to the village

Millennial and Gen-Z Coaching

  • Adulting is hard when you don’t feel like you’ve been given the tools to survive and strive. It’s frustrating to hear more complaints than solutions- we get it. In our coaching groups, we tailor discussions to meet the fast-growing demands of adulthood: Education Professional, Social-Emotional, and Relationship goals are just some of the highlights we know that will help empower the person you’re becoming.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is a collaborative process by which you, the client, choose the goals you want to work on or the experiences you want to improve. We are not here to pathologize you. This is not about telling you all the things that are wrong with you, this is about emotional-recovery from the social-ills that taught you or made you feel something was wrong with you. We will provide support, consultation, and recommendations to help you achieve your goals and feel the intrapersonal healing you aim for. The intention for coaching is for improvement, achievement, and greater fulfillment. Therapy’s goal is for greater improvement in functioning but it presumes that there is a lack of functioning or impairment as the starting point. If at any point the issues transcend our task, I will make a referral to the appropriate mental health provider.

How is Coaching Done?

It is flexible based on your needs. We provide group coaching on scheduled days (whichever works best for you) Remote coaching has many advantages: You don’t have to hire a sitter or make special plans to leave your house or desk. Our selected days and bi-weekly schedule allow great flexibility.

Interested in a more in-depth education about a particular topic? Have a group of friends that would love to get together for a simple “Q&A” with a parent coach? Whether it be a short class or an informal question and answer setting, small group lectures are a great way to learn new information at an affordable price. Venues are variable and include, but are not limited to; private homes and local establishments.

What is mentor Coaching?

Millennials and GenZ-ers we hear you. Our team has a combined 20+ years of experience serving and leading young adult programs. Each time we turned away a young adult who needed support, we felt the frustration of not being able to support a Millennial or GenZ-er because they were technically “aged” out. It was important that we create a space that targets the needs of young adults who are navigating the early years of adulthood.  Oftentimes there are questions that young adults don’t feel safe to ask their parents or family members. As a society, we seem to forget about young people’s needs once they meet the proverbial age “18”. This is unreasonable, intimidating, and isolating. In our group coaching, we create space to minimize these anxieties, fears, and unanswered questions. Schedule a free strategy call, we are here to plan a strategy.

Is there some type of homework?

Absolutely, but you’ll enjoy it. We are all required to do the work to get the results and outcomes we want. Developing better connections within ourselves and our community, is a muscle we must work to exercise regularly. The assignments are not heavy or created to give anxiety, but they are designed to generate introspection and alter behaviors and approaches that have not previously been so successful.